Radio Samoa 1593 am contributes to the wellbeing and the empowerment of our Samoan community through consistent delivery of practical and up to date information which serves a purpose to their everyday needs.

The Samoa Times Newspaper, is dedicated to encourage and revitalise the joy of reading for the Samoan people. 

Samoa Times delivers comprehensive news and visual coverage of events important to the Samoan community.

Celebrating Pacific culture, MoanaTV is focused on “Connecting the Pacific” by providing content that engages Pacific communities with positive, entertaining and educational programming. MoanaTV is dedicated to delivering high quality content that explores all aspects of the Pacific lifestyle and is relevant to all ages.


Walking Samoans

Walking Samoans’ is an addition to a portfolio of health programmes provided by Radio Samoa over the years to inform listeners about health.

Walking Samoans will promote the easiest, cheapest and most convenient way for the average Samoan family to exercise regularly.

Our Mission

To provide quality, educative programmes to the Samoan community by disseminating information through multimedia channels in an effort to raise awareness of issues relevant to our community; to improve general welfare and promote better living amongst the Samoan people

Our Vision

Samoa Multimedia Group is the leading central connection hub of media news, information and communications for the Samoan global community.

Our Values

WHEN it comes to our customers, we’re excellent:

We value our clients – they’re why we exist – and we strive to provide them
with quality and professional service every time; we’re innovative
and courageous as we work to create great solutions.

Effective, Engaging Communication is WHAT we do:

We are experts at captivating audiences, raising awareness
and improving welfare; we understand the message and engage audiences.
In a nutshell… we speak your language.

Cultural Understanding is WHERE it’s at:

We’re culturally aware and committed to our community who thanks to us,
are connected and well-informed; we love, respect and celebrate our People
and value preserving, promoting, educating and maintaining
our Samoan culture, traditions and language.

HOW do we do it? With honesty and integrity:

At our core, we ‘walk the talk’, keep our word honest and hold each other accountable this is how we are – they’re the standards we hold within our team, within the community and as journalists / broadcasters.

We love what we do and that’s WHY we’re great:

We’re all passionate, positive and committed to what we do
which makes it so easy to respect one another, to value everyone’s contribution and to roll our sleeves up in unity – this is why we’re great.



(taken from Statistics New Zealand publication “Samoan People in New Zealand: 2018”, www.stats.govt.nz)

English was the most common language with which people could hold a conversation about everyday things, with 4,482,135 speakers (95.4 percent of the population).

The next most common languages were:

  • te reo Māori (185,955 people or 4.0 percent)
  • Samoan (101,937 people or 2.2 percent)
  • Northern Chinese (including Mandarin) (95,253 people or 2.0 percent)
  • Hindi (69,471 people or 1.5 percent).

There was no change in the top five ethnicities between the 2013 and 2018 Censuses: New Zealand European (64.1 percent), Māori (16.5 percent), Chinese not further defined (nfd) (4.9 percent), Indian nfd (4.7 percent), and Samoan (3.9 percent).

There were 381,642 people who identified with at least one Pacific ethnic group. This grouping made up 8.1 percent of the population, up from 7.4 percent in 2013. The largest groups were Samoan (182,721), Tongan (82,389), and Cook Islands Maori (80,532). Almost two-thirds of people who identified with at least one Pacific ethnic group were born in New Zealand.  Source

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