To change sorting in Excel

  1. Select Data: Click anywhere within the data range you want to sort.
  2. Open Sort Dialog:
    • In Excel 2019, Excel 2016, Excel 2013: Go to the Data tab on the Ribbon, then click on Sort.
    • In Excel 2010 and earlier: Go to the Data tab, then click on Sort in the Sort & Filter group.
  3. Choose Sorting Criteria:
    • In the Sort dialog box, you’ll see options to select which column to sort by. You can choose to sort by one or more columns.
    • Use the Sort by dropdown to select the column you want to sort by.
    • Use the Sort On dropdown to specify how to sort (e.g., values, cell color, font color).
    • Use the Order dropdown to choose ascending (A to Z or smallest to largest) or descending (Z to A or largest to smallest) order.
  4. Apply Sorting:
    • After selecting your sorting criteria, click OK to apply the sorting.

Quick Sort (Excel 2019, Excel 2016, Excel 2013)

Alternatively, you can use the quick sort options available in the Ribbon:

  • Click on the dropdown arrow next to the column header you want to sort by.
  • Choose Sort A to Z (ascending) or Sort Z to A (descending) to quickly sort the data.

Sorting Tips:

  • To sort by multiple columns, add additional levels in the Sort dialog box.
  • Excel allows you to sort data alphabetically, numerically, by date, or even by custom lists.