Zoom – Schedule a meeting

Using the Zoom Desktop Application:

  1. Open Zoom:
    • If you haven’t already, download and install the Zoom desktop application from the Zoom Download Center.
  2. Sign In:
    • Open the Zoom application and sign in with your Zoom account. If you don’t have an account, you can create one for free.
  3. Schedule a New Meeting:
    • Click on the “Schedule” button in the upper right corner of the Zoom application.
  4. Enter Meeting Details:
    • In the “Schedule a New Meeting” window, enter the meeting details:
      • Topic: Give your meeting a descriptive title.
      • Description (optional): Add any additional information about the meeting.
      • When: Set the date and time for the meeting.
      • Duration: Choose the estimated duration of the meeting.
      • Timezone: Verify the correct timezone.
  5. Meeting Options:
    • Configure additional meeting settings, such as:
      • Meeting ID: Generate Automatically or use a Personal Meeting ID.
      • Passcode: Set a passcode for added security.
      • Waiting Room: Enable or disable the waiting room feature.
      • Video: Choose whether to have participants join with video on or off.
  6. Invitees:
    • Add participants by entering their email addresses in the “Invitees” field. You can also copy the invitation link to share.
  7. Advanced Options (Optional):
    • Click on “Advanced Options” to access more settings like enabling participant video, allowing participants to join before the host, etc.
  8. Save and Finish:
    • Click “Save” to schedule the meeting. You’ll be taken to the meeting details page.
  9. Start the Meeting:
    • When it’s time for the meeting, click “Start” to begin the meeting.

Using the Zoom Web Portal:

  1. Sign In to Zoom:
    • Go to the Zoom Web Portal, sign in with your Zoom account, or create a new account.
  2. Schedule a New Meeting:
    • Click on “Schedule a New Meeting” on the web portal’s dashboard.
  3. Enter Meeting Details:
    • Fill in the meeting details as described in steps 4-7 above.
  4. Save:
    • Click “Save” to schedule the meeting.
  5. Start the Meeting:
    • When it’s time for the meeting, click on the “Meetings” tab, find your scheduled meeting, and click “Start.”
Once your meeting is scheduled, you can share the meeting details with participants, and they can join using the provided link or meeting ID.